50 Online Marketing Strategies You Need To Know Today

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Distributing information about your product and services to potential customers via the internet is what online marketing is at its core.

Various companies, affiliates, marketers, agencies, etc., see avenues in different web-based properties for marketing and get their product or services reached to the potential customers. There are many factors that make you decide which strategy you want to pursue – a few of them are like Cost Per Acquisition rates, Quality of customers getting acquired, Life Time Value of the customer being attained, etc.,

Let’s get into 50 Online Marketing Strategies that you can implement in your business this year. These are just overviews of what can be implemented. Do your own research based on these strategies and win the game. 🙂

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Major Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and minor ones like Baidu, Yandex.ru, and DuckDuckGo have website listings or content listed according to what user searches on these search engines. And you shouldn’t be surprised when I say there are billions and billions of pages crawled (a simple explanation of it would be a search engine program that scans your website and pages for content and via some algorithms ranks and indexes it on their search engine) – If you want to learn more in-depth about it You can check MOZ’s Explanation about How Search Engines Work. After this crawling on your website, search engine via several hidden and open algorithms ranks you up or down on those search results – Making a focused and intentional effort towards ranking your website on top of search listing for specific user keywords is what Search Engine Optimization is.

    Seo Multiple Factors

    You might be thinking why does it matter? Yes, It does matter. The traffic from these search engines to your website(s) is free – called organic traffic. For example, Wikipedia, that you might have used for sure as well receives a ton of organic traffic and it has high-quality content which is one factor which ranks it so high for so many informative search keywords for example just search “Who is Google” on Google and there you go – you get Wikipedia presented to you with all the information about Google.

    So, Just imagine getting a ton load of free traffic every day like Wikipedia – I can guess only one thing – your website/hosting will crash 😀
    Jokes apart, but organic traffic is free traffic and users can be engaged more efficiently as that user who searched for something is already looking for that thing – an example would be someone searching for “Buy wallpapers for office” and you rank on top or maybe top ten results of Google or any other search engine where a user has searched for that keyword – wouldn’t (s)he be more willing to buy from you rather than digging 30 pages in the search results looking for the same thing. That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play which makes your website rank high and top of the search engine’s listings with a lot of tuning in. There is very well-defined content written by Search Engine Land about SEO – I would highly recommend going through that which explains SEO in much more detail.

  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): If you pay the search engines to get your website, content, business, etc., be shown on their Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) then it is Search Engine Marketing.
    Keywords (what people type in the Search engine) is the major component in this. Mastery over which keywords to bid/pay for and making optimal changes to the page being promoted makes a huge difference in the cost associated with the keyword.
    DuckDuckGo Google Ad
    All search engines provide Keyword suggestion tools that help taking better decisions regarding your marketing efforts and there are umpteen number of tools available which gives way more analytical power in your hands like Paid ones – Ahrefs – Keywords Explorer, Moz Explorer, SpyFu Keyword Tool and there are many free ones too like – KeywordTool, UberSuggest by Neil Patel, WordStream Keyword Tool to name a few.
    Taking cues from what your competitors are doing, how their landing pages are different or similar to yours, etc., by using the above tools plus using Alexa and SimilarWeb to better understand competitors would give an edge up on your competitors and bid and perform conscientiously for your marketing success.
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM): All social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook Live, etc., have geared towards not just being a hub for content creation and broadcasting to a larger audience but it is becoming a serious business now with a lot of Social media analytics tools, engagement identifiers, etc., coming into picture and not to forget social media advertisement. The sole reason being businesses and individuals like us want to learn and adapt to what audiences want. The audience would be engaging and giving you real feedback at what has been good or bad at your website, video, etc., by way of social media and you can improve upon feedbacks received. See below how American Airlines is using Twitter to respond to customers and solving their issues – which give general awareness that they are concerned about their customers and take action immediately.
    American airlines customer service twitter
    This really sends the customers a pleasant experience that even though they did some mistake they are taking care of it and it, in turn, increases the Lifetime Value of the customer flying with them.

    Many businesses are using social media to promote their ads and relevant post there and get immediate comments, shares, tweets, retweets, etc., which gives meaningful insights into what businesses should post and analyze them with many tools at their disposal like HootSuite, Keyhole, BrandWatch, Sprout Social, etc.,

    and social media’s own analytics tool will give you a bit of detail too like Facebook Analytics, Instagram Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Snapchat Analytics, etc.,

    If you get efficient in the social media bandwagon – you should be up for targeting an audience that is most relevant and engaging with your social media account by using Social Media ads.
    facebook targeting
    There is oodles number of targeting features available to target the demographics you are looking for and we will discuss this in detail in another blog post.
  4. Content Marketing: This is a great strategy that indirectly gets you the customers. It is about sharing, making people aware of valuable content that you have curated which might be of interest to the audience you are sharing it to – maybe it is a video teaching innovative ideas about catching fishes, maybe an infographic about key components of designing or just a plain pdf explaining about how to write a perfect ad copy. The core principle here is it should be valuable for the audience and should make them aware of your content and finally driving them to your intended marketing strategy in place for profit.
    content marketing cycle

    5. Guest Posts/Articles: There are many bloggers who allow a guest post to be written on their blogs. Writing valuable content on the already established website/blog gives you the credibility that you are looking for and excites the audience to look at your website/blog to consume more of your content directly and on top of that you can throw in a backlink on that authoritative blog/site.
    Guest Blogger
    This is a wonderful strategy that most of the big or small bloggers use but you have to do your research thoroughly as to where your guest posts should be posted, what should be your post title and content which should resonate with the audience of that particular Blog/Website.
    There are many blogging communities too where you can associate yourself with other bloggers or submit your blogs for more exposure like – BlogEngage, GrowthHackers, etc.,
  5. Webinars: GoToMeeting (GoToWebinar) analyzed 250,000 webinars and came up with some interesting facts and figures which are in consonance with the Demand Gen Report which stated 76% of B2B buyers have used webinars to make a purchase decision. 57% of webinar registrations come from email. GoToMeeting also found that the average audience viewing time for a webinar is 57 minutes that is insane. You can learn about the Promotional timings, Audience behavior, engagement trends, etc., with their free to download report called – The Big Book of Webinar Stats.
    president barack obama webinar
    This is a highly efficient way of turning your prospects from just free viewers to paid customers. There is psychology involved and trust factor increases as they see you face to face being miles away and you are able to show them a presentation, screen shares and other valuable content in realtime. Also, it can be used in making your current customers aware of new features about your product if you are into B2B.
  6. Podcasting: Podcasting is a bit similar to a recorded webinar but you just record your voice and present it to the content-hungry audience.
    podcast microphone
    I would say that podcasting is booming right now and marketers and businesses are jumping on it right now. If you can deliver great listening content and understand the audience you could be up for a big number of downloads for your podcast. Most people release it like Episodes or some as Series with Episodes in them relevant to the Series – similar to the Netflix series which we are used to watching. The audience listening time on average for a podcast episode also lasts half an hour to an hour which is huge. It is all about building a relationship with the audience and then marketing them your products or services in a non-intrusive way or blend in your ads and according to Nielsen Study, 64% of listeners agree that the ad was a good fit with the podcast content. Also, have a look at the Edison Research – The Infinite Dial 2019 about the podcast.
  7. Email Marketing: When I started learning about computers and the internet, the first thing which was taught to me was how to create an email address with Yahoo Mail (Gmail was not in the picture at that time). Email is still strong after so many years and the advent of Facebook messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.,
    email marketing
    Email users are growing at a steady pace every year according to the statistics by Statista and statistics by same Statista shows that click to open rates for email is at 22.15%. There are many other fascinating stats and figures related to Emails. So, don’t think for a second that emailing to customers has lost its charm.
    Making a successful email marketing campaign is a must nowadays. Automation has come into place now, A/B testing, user segregation, Time suggestions for achieving optimal open rates, etc.,
    Always great content wins – so is the case with Email. Newsletter giving loads of informative content is what connects the user with the marketer. The age-old technique being used is to send them to subscribe to your newsletter or get a freebie for giving up the name and email address and then with many auto-responder email services available in the market like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc., for normal marketing needs or plugging in some robust system like using Ongage which can add multiple ESPs(Email Service Providers) and SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) providers like Amazon SES, Mailgun, InboxRoad, SendGrid, etc., send out relevant and what customer is expecting what you promised in the email – otherwise be ready to be sent to spam folder.
  8. Pay Per Click (PPC): Pay Per Click Advertisement is a form of advertisement where you pay for the ads when someone clicks on your ads. This method is highly effective in onboarding engaging customers to your website/funnel who have shown interest in your ad in the first place by clicking on it and now it is your website/funnel to convert it to your target goal.
    Google Ads
    With billions of searches performed by users at Google, it is the biggest Pay Per Click Advertisement platform. With so much volume and being in the industry for so long and profitable, Google has made their ads platform – ads.google.com – a delight for advertisers to pinpoint audiences, keywords to target and negative keywords to avoid, showcasing your ads outside their search engine results called Google Display Network (GDN) where website owners have installed Google’s Adsense code to get relevant ads shown on their websites according to the content being promoted there. You can tap into both and see which one works the best for you and not forget about Youtube which is booming with keywords too which is owned by Google and you can tap into that as well with display ads.
    After that, there is the Bing Pay Per Click Advertisement platform that most of the people ignore due to being a dwarf compared to ginormous Google Ads but you should definitely check it out as there are major differences in the audiences they posses and cost per acquisition varies a lot and being cheaper than Google Ads. Also to note that Bing – Which is owned by Microsoft also has partnered with Yahoo! and the age-old AOL too giving you a small impetus.
    Bing Ads
  9. Programmatic Advertising – DSP (Demand Side Platform): DSPs are connected to marketplace platforms called Ad Exchanges where marketers buy traffic from publishers from SSP (Supply Side Platform) who have ad inventory. Programmatic advertisement is more suited to people who want to target multiple advertisement networks at once and negotiate prices with two methodologies – 1) RTB (Real-Time Bidding) – where you specify what price you want for a specific ad to be run on different publishers and a real-time programmatic auctioning takes place and the highest bidder for the given spot is given the opportunity to be placed on that publisher’s website.
    Demand side platform DSP
    There are many DSPs like DoubleClick, Adobe Media Optimizer DSP, Verizon Media DSP (Oath), MediaMath, etc.,
    Also, check about Top DSPs on Business of Apps.
  10. Retargeting: Retargeting ads, in my opinion, are really effective – if done the proper way. Retargeting is where you show your ads again to the users who have interacted with your ads or website but didn’t take the actionable step that you wanted. You would want that every visitor who will see the ads will convert at your website/landing page, but it is far from reality.
    Some websites have a good bounce rate and some terribly high bounce rate which dictates the average CTR and CR for you. According to stats, Retargeting helps increase CR by up to 150%. Check some interesting facts and stats about Retargeting. There are many retargeting platforms like Google Ads, Adroll, Retargeter, Facebook Retargeting, Twitter Retargeting, Pinterest Retargeting, LinkedIn Retargeting, etc., You can create your own audiences who have interacted with your website or social account, etc., and retarget like that. It is a big topic to explain here. I will dedicate a whole topic related to retargeting soon.
  11. Influencer Marketing: This is a kind of marketing where social media users are pulled in to promote your brand, product in a way of a direct or indirect and subtle way to gauge the audience towards you. It is highly effective due to the deep connection that influential social media users have on their follower base who tend to like brand or products being mentioned by the influencers. It is no longer limited to big celebrities that people get influenced by and those get the endorsements only. Smaller and niche influencers are getting a bigger piece of the slice in this revolution too.
    The most common influencer marketing platform would be Instagram, then there is Youtube, Snapchat, and Tiktok.
    You also have to keep a tab upon the budget of the posts you gonna get mentioned or getting endorsed in. The cost could range from 100 dollars up to 100 of thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars depending upon the influencers you are targeting to get your job done. But you have to do your research – who would be better suited to your offer/product/website etc.,
    For example, we will see one of the millennial influencers named Jack Morris going by the Instagram handle named @doyoutravel who subtly promoted Douche Bags with Instagram handle @douchebags.
    jack morris douche bags
    Another thing that Instagram has done is the Brand Collabs Manager which enables influencers to share insights and engagement stats with brands and attract more brands that are looking for that kind of engagements. You can read more about it here – Facebook Band Collabs Manager for Instagram.
  12. Analytics: Analytics is an important factor to consider when you are getting into marketing and advertisement. The reason being – if you don’t know your numbers then you are just throwing the arrows in the dark and it will be a hit and miss most of the time and no clue what you did wrong. There is a truckload of analytics tools available in the market and you can understand by this, the importance. Most of the traffic providers have their own basic analytics platform too which is not sufficient in most of the cases. Every analytical tool having its own advantage. If you want to analyze website traffic and basic stuff it can be done through google analytics and google tag manager. Maybe you want to pinpoint visual data points on your website then heatmap tools like Hotjar or Crazyegg might help you.
    If you are looking to analyze conversions, user’s behavior etc., then there is Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, etc., And from affiliate’s point of view we tend to have Geo, Dayparting, OS, Device type, landing page which is converting best, offer which is converting best – for this, there are many Affiliate Tracking platform – such as Voluum, Redtrack.io, Bemob, etc.,
    Also self-hosted tracking platform like – Binom.
  13. Short Messaging Service(SMS): SMS or Text Message marketing is all about permission-based text users opt-in to receive promotional text messages. It is either done through Short Code Messages that you might have seen as a 5 digit number where users text their interest about certain products or services and then receive relevant information about the same.
    short code sms
    Other customers might fill up their phone numbers on a web page and opt-in to receive marketing messages from the companies too. The Open rates of SMS are mind-blowing and leave behind PPC Open rates, Email Open rates, etc., far behind. But to have a short code number obtained from providers is expensive and costs thousands of dollars and on top of that per SMS charges. There are many SMS providers out there like – Twilio, Nexmo, etc., And many have been getting into Conversational style of marketing and the company that I met in a conference was Drips.com which is into generating more calls for the clients through non-invasive lead follow-ups and sequential messaging according to the time when customer is really free to talk.

  14. Push Notification: Push Notification in simple terms is a message notification similar to an SMS that is sent out to your mobile or computer without the end user’s interaction with the app or website where (s)he gave the permission to receive those push notifications. Push notifications are used in many ways like transactional push notifications, greetings push notifications, promotional push notifications, reminder push notifications, etc.,
    push notification
    It had been in trend in 2018-19 in the affiliate marketing industry and became annoying to all the users and then with the Chrome 80 the push notification permissions were introduced as Quieter Notification permission UI but most of the push notification providers have checked for work around this and given users the ability for Floating Push Notification permission – which pops up inside the website and for push notifications to be sent there have been In-Page push notifications as well and main advantage of it now is you can reach iOS users now too. You could try it and see results on how it works out with your marketing endeavors.
  15. Affiliate Networks: If you have a product or exclusive offer at great price, you could directly approach the affiliate network and can demand the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) you require and start getting traffic from publishers but beware to keep anti-fraud analytical tools at hand to complain to Affiliate networks which publisher is sending bad traffic and block it.

    My personal favorite for managing your own offers being as an advertiser is Tune – For Advertisers. There are many affiliate networks that you can search, relevant to a different niche like Clickbank.com, CJ.com, ShareASale and many more.

  16. Localization of Websites: Localization of websites is the way to reach people at different parts of the world in their own language and culture. It is not just about translating the website but the images, colors, and other aesthetics which resonates with the people of the specimen area. If stats are to be looked, the consumer is 4 times more likely to buy from your website if it is in their local language and the average bounce rate decreases too.
    wikipedia localization
    Examples of Localization would be a subtle thing like showing the checkout currency in their own currency like GBP, EURO, INR, etc., or something like date conventions – USA uses MM/DD/YYYY format but India uses DD/MM/YYYY format. These are a few of the many things that come into picture while making your website localized for a particular region.

  17. Display advertisement on blogs, relevant websites, etc: Understanding your target audience and where they are is quite important in your ongoing efforts towards marketing success. A good trick to search for blogs through google is to go to Google Search’s News Tab and clicking on “Tools” and selecting “Blogs” instead of “All News” with your related keyword.
    Google Blogs search
    Likewise, you can search for relevant websites and also do a SimilarWeb or Alexa Search for the website and see Similar websites and people also visited websites section to get an idea about where people also visit other than that website.
    Also Visited Similarweb

    Similar Websites SimilarWeb
    Then you could approach those blogs and websites and ask them to run your display ads or any other ad format that they are comfortable in.

  18. Collaborating With Companies In the Same Industry: Collaborating with different companies who are into the same industry is doable and many do it.
    marketing consent
    Companies share consumer information for a fixed price or revenue share and market themselves or give it to third party for re-monetization. Searching for those companies is easy and LinkedIn is filled up with many companies that do so and many data monetization companies also you can find there. It is big opportunity and if you dig a bit deeper you will see the labyrinth as a straight line.

  19. Cold/Warm Calling of Leads: Cold call is the age-old technique of contacting people who have no idea about what you are selling/marketing and you make them aware of it.
    cold calling
    Days are over for salespeople who used to be pushing the customers and get the sales done but now it is more driven towards being relevant to the customer and consistent and long term approach. A real conversation goes far ahead than just reading through a script and acting like a robot. Talk to them in a fashion that you might be talking to a friend in a formal tone. On top of that is vast knowledge about the subject and how it is correlated to all other areas where your product/service is useful. The Warm calling is the second stage of calling where the customer has engaged with you or someone else and has shown interest in the product/service being marketed and it is your show time now to make them comfortable, let them take their time, choose their options, have a conference and calendar set up where you could even show the product/service and how some of the clients/customers are benefitting from you. And it is not like you just stop following up after the sale is made. Call them up and ask for the feedback and how you can improve it, what they didn’t like or like about the whole tour from cold calling to sealing the deal. This could give you really valuable insights into what is the missing part of your approach towards customers.
  20. Online Presence and Authority: Online Presence is all about putting yourself or your company in front of people so that they are able to recognize and remember you which facilitates one portion of “Authority” as well.
    Online presence and authority
    Online Presence will make people recognize you but the Authority is which sets you apart from others. Blogging on your website with highly informative content that “people search for” and not content that “people don’t search for” is one example and helping people who are asking questions related to your industry on LinkedIn Groups, Forums, Quora, Facebook Groups, etc. will automatically put you on the forefront of being an authority on a particular niche.

  21. Optimized Mobile and Desktop website: Whether you know it or not but every millisecond counts for your website. Just a delay from 1 second to 3 seconds would increase your website bounce rate by 32% and there are many other facts regarding this released by Google Here. Website optimization has many facets and one of that is having technical optimization which encompasses page load speed optimization, proper display of website content on mobile and desktop and fixing up page errors.
    For checking if your website is optimized properly you could use many online tools like
    1. GtMetrix
    2. Pingdom
    3. PageSpeed Insights

    Asking your designers and coders to make the website 100% responsive is a must in this age. There are many website templates also available in the market like on Themeforest, TemplateMonster, etc., which give the option of a 100% responsive website.

    You should also check for the broken links that might have crept in without your knowledge and use some free or paid tools to keep an eye on this as if some link is broken then the user has nothing to do but leave your website. There are many Broken link checkers like – Ahrefs Broken Link Checker, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, etc.,

    To make your website faster use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) like Rackspace CDN, Google Cloud CDN, Akamai, Swarmify, Limelight, Microsoft Azure CDN, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, KeyCDN, StackPath CDN, SoftLayer CDN, Incapsula Content Delivery Network, CacheFly, CDN77, etc., would increase your page speed considerably and serious marketers should always consider this.

  22. Public Relations (PR) Publications: PR is all about making a positive vibe about your brand/company all over the place. Making announcements of new product launches, updates, collaborations with others, industry conference attendance, talking to the press and releasing press releases, etc., In this age of social media dominance the PR is combining its adventure with the marketing strategies that you endorse but always good to keep people updated about what’s going on with your brand/company and have them excited about new releases, courses, case studies, etc.,

  23. Get Journalists to Write About Your Product/Service: It is fiercer than ever to get your product or service being talked on big media platforms like TechCrunch, CNN, Forbes, etc., The journalists get tons of email, calls and all sort of deals nowadays to get someone’s product or service featured. Having contacts in friend circles could get your job done too but the price you have to negotiate which is anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a hefty price. You have to make sure you are not over promoting your product or service and more of giving the value of content to the end-user and most importantly your article resonates with the media platform’s content that users consume. The journalist would be doing the same thing and the more the journalist knows about your product or service and more in-depth data, the stats you can provide the better the article could come out.

  24. Be Transparent: There is a whole lot already written about transparency marketing which is to let the customer know actually what you are doing and going to do and what customers should expect. Honesty is the best policy indeed. Being honest and transparent leads your customer to engage more positively with your brand. Just a small message showing that with a link you are getting a small percentage of commission on a website/blog or showing about outright the brand endorsement would make your audience feel at ease.
    Being transparent also makes your business take business decisions with more clarity and decisiveness and admitting to flaws and mistakes that you make on the way and believe me – the audience gonna love you for being open. You can check about a few articles which show companies succeeding by being transparent – 5 Examples of Companies Succeeding Through Transparency, Why These 9 Companies Choose Transparency

  25. Mobile/Web App: Mobile app is a way for a far more interactive and engaging experience of your customer with your brand or company or yourself. You must look at the increasing rate at which the Mobile phone dependability is increasing for the users and it is all about time and removing the cumbersome processes out of the way which the customers have to go through on your website. They have to open the browser, then they should remember the website address or search for the name and then go to your brand and then do the necessary thing they want to do. On the other hand, if the user has your mobile app installed it is just a tap on your app and he is directly interacting within your app. See how most of the big businesses have developed their own mobile apps like news websites – The New York Times, CNBC, etc., Food ordering apps like – Swiggy, Zomato, KFC, etc.,
    The Web app also focuses on the same facet of making the customer experience better but here on the desktop. Many companies have developed web applications too for ease of doing things rather than going to a browser. This increases the productivity for the consumer. For example – QuickBooks from Intuit Web App is available on Mac and Windows too. It is a way to save time for the consumer, be interactive and engaging and feel at home with the look and feel of your desktop.
    If you see the statistics of App install rates it is just going up – check the Annual number of mobile app downloads worldwide.

  26. Local Search Marketing: Many small businesses want to get customers within a certain distance. For example, his business is located in Beverly Hills, California and he could give his service within a radius of 10 miles from his location. In this scenario, won’t it make more sense for him to target customers who are looking for the services within that perimeter? If you do a simple google search of “Dentists near me” – Google will return you the results with Dentists that are nearest to your current Geo-location. There is a huge potential in this and as you know, the customers who are doing these searches are looking for the business or service the same day and want to mostly visit the physical business location the same day too. There is a very detailed explanation done by Lyfe Marketing.

  27. Chatbots (Artificial Intelligence): Imagine a scenario where your customer service depends upon resolving their common issues through chatting with the customers. For a few customers, you hire a dozen people to handle the customers and your business is doing great with excellent customer service being provided and as more customers come in the more people you have to hire for just chatting with customers and resolving their issues and it’s just a draining of money hiring more and more people. That’s where the Chatbots came into existence which heavily reduces your manpower costs and gives the same effect of human-level interaction with the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), etc., and excelling at it. Chatbots are just computer programs designed to interact with humans (other bots too :D) in a conversational style and do automated workflows. Chatbots are still in its infancy but it’s good progress, for example, most businesses are switching to Chatbots like Facebook Messenger bots, Whatsapp chatbots, Website chatbots and many more to their advantage. Below see how Practo (a doctor’s search and appointment directory) uses Web chatbot after a preliminary set of questions to connect with suitable doctors.
    I would highly recommend reading Why Chatbots are the future of Marketing by Hubspot.

  28. Social Proof: Social proof is a psychological factor which marketers use to increase their sales, awareness, brand value, etc., Let’s take an example of your favorite celebrity who uses a product and you have seen him/her using it on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or other places and when you see the same product on a store – you sub-consciously choose the same product that has been subliminally fed into your brain. The same is with user testimonies – a lot of positive testimonies, Facebook comments, etc., play an important role in making your decisions compared to a one with no social proof. Which social proof will be beneficial for your business has many factors to choose from. Like reviews and ratings, Expert’s opinion, recent user activity proof, etc., like below.

    Influence social proof

  29. Google My Business: We have covered local search marketing above and this is a subset of it. In Google’s own explanation – “Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google.”
    Google My Business (GMB) comes with a free website builder which is helpful in giving the customer more insights and valuable information about your business and tools in your hands to portray yourself as well.
    GMB Website
    It is a great great way of engaging with customers, getting feedback, promote special offers and what else people use Google to search for literally everything and showcasing yourself there is not a bad idea. Get prepared for it.

  30. Replies To Reviews: Imagine you own a restaurant and one person eats his lunch at your restaurant, gives a great tip to the serving person and then approaches the manager and compliments about the restaurant, employees and the chef. And as a responsible manager, you are obliged out of respect for that customer reply back “thank you for the compliments” and also surveys him up if there is something that they can improve upon to serve him better. The same applies to an irate customer who lashes out to the manager and you handle the situation and after the control out of respect for that customer ask him how they can improve the services.
    replies to reviews
    In your online endeavors as well, replying to reviews shows your respect for the customer who is taking the time to write a review for you. Also, it increases your Local SEO ranking considerably as admitted by Google as well.

  31. Coupon & Deal Sites: The first prominent coupon site that I heard was Retailmenot where you go and get coupons for numerous websites to purchase things for a lot less. The problem with those kinds of websites was the expired coupons or deals. But things have evolved and now browser extensions like Honey and many prominent websites promote other people’s products with working coupons or deals if got from them like Engadget Deals.
    Gdgt deals
    You can promote the coupons at your website too and if you engage with your customers via email so why don’t you start doing the coupon rounds there? Most of the Ecom companies make use of coupons to quite get 1/3 of their recurring revenues.

  32. Referrals: There is an umpteen number of Affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank, JVZoo, Awin, CJ Affiliate and so on where you can be an advertiser and promote your product or service and to give you an overview Clickbank has around 6 Million products with around 200 million potential customers.
    Check Awin who has 16,500+ Advertisers working with them and around 147 Million in sales generated in 2019.

  33. Print Media: Print media is not dead. It is still alive and should give you better engagement or start and action based upon a print advertisement seen by the consumer on a billboard or a magazine. Why do you think Google is still mixing print media into its online marketing efforts?
    Google Maps
    The answer is simple brand awareness and more engagement with customers and continuously reminding them about where they can be used.

  34. Direct Mail Marketing: It feels outdated in the age of online marketing and email is like the perennial flow of a river. But if used wisely direct mail marketing can be used quite effectively as I have seen in 2020 as well that few marketers are sending their clients physical mail course content or information that they want to share with their customers and selling those at huge costs rather than a simple pdf and giving it a tagline “Exclusive: Never shared online”. This is a good marketing strategy too. So, no harm in utilizing this method into your marketing efforts.
  35. Attending Workshops and Seminars: This has huge potential to up the ante of your marketing efforts as you attend the workshops and seminars relevant to your business.
    You learn new techniques and come across tools that you wouldn’t have used otherwise. I have written a blog about the same as well which you can find here – Why attend Affiliate Marketing Conferences all over the world?

  36. Speaker at an Event: Speaking at an event related to your market would instantly boost your authority in that market. Make yourself presentable, share really insightful things that help other people, share statistics and figures and your failures and successes and what others can learn from that.
    If you are successfully able to leverage your ground there, you automatically get the buzz around yourself and in a way your marketing is propelled in the fine-tuned direction due to the authority matter of yours in place everywhere.

  37. Sponsor At Events: If your budget allows sponsorship opportunities are good for your brand awareness and in turn elevate your marketing efforts too.
    Sponsorship car
    Like the above point, it increases your authority in your business industry which automatically attracts customers B2B or B2C.

  38. Media Buying: Media buying is the method of paid marketing where you purchase media placements online and offline like placements on websites, Blogs, Forums, Podcasts, Radio outlets, Television channels, etc., Media buying also requires huge planning as it could be a costly affair and that’s why before Media buying a thorough media planning is a must taking into consideration what is the end result that you want to achieve out of the media buying.

  39. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Big companies know their customers very well and what they like and dislike and that data is very much essential for the profits they reap year after year. CRM is all about interactions with your pre-existing customers or potential customers and analyzing their needs and problems and addressing the same to drive more sales for you and making the customers loyal towards your brand. There are many CRM platforms with different pros and cons depending upon your business. To name a few – Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Freshsales, Nimble, etc.,

  40. Newsletter: The sole purpose of newsletters is to send customers very useful information about the product/service customer is associated with. It could be information about your company, case studies outlining what other customers are doing to achieve their goals with your system or methods, etc.,
    Hubspot has written a fantastic article about Newsletter that you should check out.

  41. Conversational Marketing: Conversational marketing is about making a speedy transition of a customer through your marketing pipeline. We have discussed chatbots earlier and these play a major role in conversational marketing. On top of that, a robust system of follow up with the customer through customer executive to dedicated executive and up the ladder to a sales director and so forth to close the deal with your company is the soul of conversational marketing.

  42. Reward and Loyalty System: Have you noticed how the hotel industry has the customer reward and loyalty system in place and if it was not working for them why would they keep it? Spend more with them and they give you rewards and loyalty points to spend on something else at the hotel. Clever system. You can implement in your existing business too to increase the level of engagement with the customers.
    reward points hotel

  43. Voice Search: You all know that mobile usage has increased manifold and the way people search online is changing as well. Google gives you the option to search for information or products via voice search where you tap the microphone icon and say what you want and results are populated or even read.
    smart speakers
    The same is with the advent of smart devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.,
    Smart speaker advertisement is still in its infancy but it is one thing to keep a tab on.

  44. Always Online Website: I will give you a live example of mine where I was doing a marketing effort and due to a very big flow of traffic in a short span of time the server crashed and I was losing money every second the server was offline. So, before starting a major marketing campaign you should always double/triple check everything about server capacity, the domain being placed is correct, HTTPS and HTTP are not creating any errors or any other things that might create problem to the consumers. There are many services like Pingdom which shows if your website is having any performance issues like page speed is lagging due to a part of your website code etc., Also go with a dedicated server if you are serious about your business as shared servers are always a recipe for disaster.

  45. Copywriter: Hiring a great copywriter for your website or marketing funnel pages is a very good idea as copywriting is all about psychology and channeling customer’s brains towards doing a specific activity that you want. And what is better than learning some copywriting skills yourself too? You can hire top-end copywriters on Upwork.

  46. Reputation Management: When you are successful, there might be few people who would love your downfall and would try to defame you and post things that might not be true. What do you do about it? Hire a reputation management company that would be able to cleanse the dirt scattered by hate mongers.

  47. Assigning Digital tasks to a dedicated company: If you are more focused on your business and want a professional handle the marketing, blogging, SEO, etc., there are a lot of companies who are doing so as well like TheHoth, OpenMoves, etc.,

  48. Showcasing Your Success: Showcasing what your business has done in the past and who your clients are is a great way of projecting yourself instantly as a reliable company in front of others who will have less of a barrier now doing business with you. For example, we take Quo.agency who made one of my websites called Tapgage and showcased it. Having a portfolio of work, testimonials from clients is a way to be more reputable and reliable in the market and obviously this increases your sales.

  49. Premium & Freemium Product/Service: Premium and Freemium are pricing models that companies work with and you have to do your due diligence in selecting what is best for your company.
    Freemium Premium
    The premium model works on upfront payment being taken for the product or service being offered whereas Freemium model works on giving you a product or service for free with no barriers for a certain amount of days or a base product or service with limited features for free and let the user decide to upgrade to a premium version later after the experience they have. There are many more variants based on both models.

  50. Feedback/Survey From Customers: You wouldn’t believe how powerful feedback/survey from your customers is. They give you a chance to see patterns and things you have to give special attention to.
    Feedback survey
    This valuable feedback system can be implemented by emailing the customers or giving them slips out where they fill out a small survey/feedback form. Analyze the results and pave a way to improve upon things that might have gone unnoticed otherwise. You get a chance to look through the eyes of the customer which is really insightful.

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