7 Basic Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail

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Affiliate Marketing spending is increasing at a high pace. Affiliate marketing spending this year is estimated at 6.4 Billion dollars and is about to 8.2 Billion dollars by 2022. Matter of fact, 15-30% of all advertisers’ sales are done through Affiliate marketing. So, it is a big industry for sure which is cranking the marketing industry.

But, If you go through skimming the pages of internet you will see that most beginners are failing at making a decent amount in this Affiliate marketing industry and say it is not working. Some complain, I tried the same thing but mine is at -280% ROI. Let’s get into the reasons why some people are minting money and others are not.

7 Reasons Why Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign Is Failing

1. Information Overload

Internet is flooded with Information and Misinformation about affiliate marketing showing easy money making strategies. You should bear in mind that there is nothing called “easy money“. There should be hurdles involved in any marketing you would be doing, whether it is blog writing, running a facebook ad, making a simple banner image is also a hurdle for some and the reason for that is Basics. Without learning Alphabets, you can not learn words, and without grammar you can not speak the language. Same applies for Affiliate marketing – it is painstaking – you need to have your basics right. Your next question would be how? First thing is check what is trending in the market in the given year – there are plenty of pundits who go say this will be trending, that will be trending and you just go by their words. Why don’t you investigate?

If I say you to buy Canon 1300D camera (that I have right now LOL) and it is best camera for video and you buy the same just by my words – what will happen when you operate it – you will see so many flaws in it – like there is no auto-focus in video mode, there is no audio jack. Did you get my point? It is same with affiliate marketing. Do you research. Check whitepapers about specific traffic for example push traffic, what is working with it. Are you seeing lot of websites using push notification? Go to those websites which have push notifications, how they are doing their stuff,etc., If it is google ads, research about it as well. Google is very good friend of mine and I do most of my research and before doing something just going by words I do research.

2. Mindset Of Making Money Fast

It is true that you can get very good ROI with affiliate marketing if you know your stuff right and have ample budget when everything is going in positive direction in your campaign. But most beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers are stuck with the mindset of making money fast, like it will happen in 1 week or 2 weeks and you will be earning couple of thousand of dollars. For some it might, but not for all.

Persistence pays off in affiliate marketing – Persistence with set of rules to follow without second thoughts about it. I will give you an example of my own mistake when I was learning and buying and selling stock market shares. I learnt the basics made it clear what I wanted to do and had set of rules in place what to do when stock drops to certain level and one day I didn’t and was expecting that let it drop and in sometime it will catch up and make me a profit – maybe it would have risen and I had a nice profit but it didn’t happen. Learning from this?

Don’t Break the Rules You Create for Your Marketing Campaign! How enticing it looks that you might make money spending a few dollars more. If you have made a rule – Follow it to the core.

3. Following Case Studies and Applying the Same

There are plenty of case studies all over the places, in STM, in Afflift, in AffiliateFix,etc., and people are blindly just following those case studies and making campaigns out of that and using same offer, same traffic source and same banners and everything else as well same.

It is called Case study for a reason – an instance of a particular situation which happened to a person or thing.

The thing is there might be ill-intentions involved in it – like promoting an offer that is given in the case study, or promoting a traffic source given in the case study. Who knows it is genuine or not. You never know what the intention was.

So, Case studies are good to learn about different tactics that person applied and how it can be implemented on your traffic source, landing page, banner ad, content, etc., That what case study is for. Not to COPY and PASTE it and then be unhappy that it didn’t work.

If Bill Gates has written his entire Journal of step by step daily what he did from the time in garage to building an empire called Microsoft now. And handed over that Journal/Blueprint to you. What do you think, you will be able to form another Microsoft? The probability is infinitesimal. There are many factors that changes – time, interactions, personality, human behaviour, team, etc.,

4. Lack Of Interest in Learning

Affiliate marketing is completely new thing for newbies and they want to go into it because of the success they saw of others doing affiliate marketing. It is same to learning a new language – it takes time, patience, persistence, home work, following rigid rules, imbibing the knowledge with ultra-excitement and lot of other things. When you are unable to cope up with this, you tend to give-up on affiliate marketing instead of pushing yourself more.

First discover the interest and give your 100% into it then.

5. Ignoring Technical Aspects

There are lot of technical aspects involved in doing affiliate marketing. Proper Server configuration, proper CDN in place, proper tracking system in place to know how the traffic is going and knowing everything about your traffic, proper knowledge about postbacks, tokens, variables, utilizing the tracking system for example Voluum to its fullest extent on your landing pages ( I will write another blog about it).

Buying cheap shared hosting and sending thousands of pop traffic visitors to your website is doomsday for your website and you lose money unnecessarily. This is just an example. There are many more aspects to consider, so go slow and triple check everything before putting lots of money into a campaign. If you don’t understand a thing, ask the support, in forum or your peers, they might give you better answer. Like putting bidding price of CPM for example 50 USD by mistake instead of 5 USD. Those are smaller/bigger mistakes that I have also gone through and made huge losses.

You Know and Understand Things by Practice, not by Hearsay

6. Getting Tantalized by Rinse and Repeat and Done For You Methods

I have often seen people getting tantalized by these rinse and repeat and Done For You [DFY] methods that are being floated in market. These seldom works. As I have mentioned in the beginning, there is no easy money in the market. You have to strive hard to attain success. So, don’t get enticed by these taglines that you have to just sit and watch money pouring into your account without lifting a finger. Pursuing that is a sure recipe for disaster.

7. No Genuine Interest in Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have genuine interest in Affiliate marketing in its essence. Please don’t get into it. Its long journey to get accustomed to all the smaller details, methods and techniques and applying it with conscientious efforts that make a newbie into super affiliate. Interest in a particular field is most important, to achieve greater heights + not being afraid to lose some money in the testing phase. It is how Affiliate marketing work.

Hope this gave you some knowledge to why affiliates fail. Share your experience as well here. 🙂

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