Basics Of Affiliate Marketing – Networking!

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Networking is an art! You develop it over time. And networking is one of the core pillars in having success in your Affiliate marketing journey. So, it is better to be well-versed with it than analyze later what went wrong with it, right?

Let’s get into the W’s of Networking.

What is Networking?

Networking in Affiliate Marketing is the art of communicating with others in the same field and exchange information, tips, tricks or anything relevant to the topic being discussed at that time and utilizing those bits and pieces of information in your endeavors to succeed in Affiliate marketing. Maybe this best describes it 😀

Why Networking is so Important?

Without networking with people in the same space you won’t know what is trending, what others are doing, who is getting most success with, where people are failing, which tool is giving them an extra edge over others, which Geos (Countries) are hot and most traffic is flowing, which verticals (like BizOp, Sweeps, App Installs, etc.,) are trending, etc.,

So, you see why networking is a big asset and if you haven’t started – IT IS THE TIME TO START NETWORKING NOW!

Where to Network?

1. Create Social Media Accounts & Join Groups

First and foremost, create your social media accounts – facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin. Fill these up with as accurate information as possible with your real picture and be professional. Search Google how to write nice Bios, add cover pictures correlating what you are doing etc., There is umpteen number of articles out there which tell you how to make your social media accounts attractive and to the point. Now, search for facebook groups, linkedin groups, accounts etc., which are relevant to Affiliate marketing and participate actively and positively on those. Make personal contacts on skype or social media and talk about different aspects and check if the other person knows any more hidden/secret forums, groups, skype groups to join.

2. Join Affiliate Marketing Forums

A few paragraphs up I explained why Networking is so important and Affiliate Marketing forums play an important role in molding you, giving you right direction, giving you business contacts which can develop into good business if you nurture it properly and also give you out of box ideas which you never thought of. So, let me give you the top Affiliate marketing picks of mine.

  1. “STM Forum – The #1 Affiliate Marketing Forum”
  2. AffiliateFix: Affiliate Marketing Forum
  3. “Warrior Forum – The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace”
  4. “BlackHatWorld”
  5. “affLIFT | Affiliate Marketing Forum”
  6. “WickedFire – Affiliate Marketing Forum”

I’m not going to give description about these. Check these out yourself – few are paid forums and few are free and I have left few as well which I deemed not relevant enough but you can always do a Google search for Affiliate marketing forums – like maybe Chinese readers might be interested in AdvertCN. Get started with the free one’s – create account, search the forum, ask questions, give answers as well if you know. Each forum has its Pros and Cons but we shouldn’t bothered about it. These forums give you an idea of what is going on in the Affiliate marketing industry. They don’t reveal everything which is working – who wants to do that? They show you what has worked in the past. Grab those ideas, those techniques which might be absolutely new to you and apply those in your campaigns which you eventually gonna make. 🙂

3. Search Big Conferences Online

Search for conferences going on at different places and attend those if possible. Meeting people personally and interacting with them goes 100x times talking/chatting with them online. One piece of advice – be precise, don’t be all about you, be a listener, take notes, ask most relevant questions, if you don’t know about the company at the conference booth, search about them online – Conferences have Wifi Hotspots all over the places, and ask related questions and take their visiting cards. It is very good to have your own Visiting card as well, even if you are just starting out in Affiliate marketing – gives a professional touch and also shows that you are serious about Affiliate marketing.

Few of the Big conferences that happen across the world are:

  1. Affiliate Summit West
  2. London Affiliate Conference
  3. Mobile World Congress
  4. Affiliate Summit Europe
  5. Affiliate Summit East
  6. ad:tech
  7. Affiliate World Europe
  8. Affiliate World Asia
  9. MailCon
  10. LeadsCon

If you are not able to attend these conferences, no worries. You should atleast check their sponsors, Exhibitors and sometimes attendees list also they publish for example for Affiliate Summit West, here is the

  1. Exhibitors List they publish
  2. Attendees List they publish

You can search for others as well. It is gold. You can check these companies, attendees and if looks relevant – search about them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype or call them up and check about opportunities you can have with them.

Always remember – Networking is always about long term relationships not short time or one time gains.

Be courteous to them. Show genuine interest. And if they are on skype, facebook etc., wish them Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, etc., These little things goes way beyond just being business friends. You will see the positive effects of it in your journey towards being successful in Affiliate Marketing.

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