Email Inboxing And How Email Marketers/Spammers Using This New Calendar Email Marketing Trick

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In January 2019, I was speaking with one of my friend who is a great email marketer about how it is becoming harder and harder to inbox for bulk emailing.

That time he told me about a trick that in upcoming months gonna start exploding and will be exploited by most of the spammers of the worlds and as you probably know top spammers of the world are already on it. You can learn more about the top spammers who are identified by Spamhaus Project here.

So, What he told me was simple. Send a Calendar Invitation to the emails and it directly inboxes and if you set the time for example after two days – it gives out another email to your inbox reminding you about the calendar invitation that was given.

The thing was you can write any content on the subject line and the content of the calendar invitation with a specific URL to direct those users to. I will show how it looks below as well so you get a complete picture of what I am talking about.

So you see how the subject lines are written, the content inside the calendar invite is written with the URL to direct users to and frequency of invitation set to Daily so it pops up every day. And most of the people nowadays use calendar applications like Fantastical, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, etc., and it shows up notification on those desktop/mobile applications too if the email is in the spam folder too.

Earlier it was directly hitting the Inbox but Mail providers are well aware of it now and pushing those to the spam folder.

So What exactly I wanted to tell you from this was, the marketers always are coming up with newer ideas to market (in this case spam). It could be used in a good way too like sending invitations for your products and reminding the customer in a good way too if he accepts the invitation to receive those invites. Probably you can put up at your landing page information that apart from emails from you – you will be sending calendar invites to keep you up to date about latest information so customers never miss an update and get it on their calendar.

Any new ideas from you guys? Leave a comment below. 🙂

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