How To Choose & Get Approved At Super Affiliate Networks As A Beginner

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Affiliate Marketing Industry is ever growing. Don’t believe? Check the stats at Statista – A whopping number – the U.S. affiliate marketing spend is due to reach 8.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Also check Affiliate Marketing Statistics that are sourced from different websites.

This will give you a brief idea about what’s going on in this industry. Also as I suggested you in my previous blog post – Basics Of Affiliate Marketing – Networking! that you gotta network more, read the forums, articles, follow the forum posts that are relevant to you, comment on those, ask relevant questions if you don’t understand something.

This is actually the foundation you have to build and then get started applying into the Affiliate Networks.

Knowledge Is Power!

For a moment, imagine you are at a round table conference of highly intellectual people from Scientific Arena discussing about – Higgs Boson – If you don’t actually know about it ( Commonly referred as the God Particle) – Watch this video by SciShow – So what IS the Higgs boson? And without knowing the subject you start talking about it and give suggestions and recommendations that scientist should focus on this rather than that.

Doesn’t it look funny and stupid at the same time?

Same is with Affiliate Marketing. You gotta get your knowledge right. However, limited it is and you are not a pro, but you have gone through the forums, articles and whatever you can find about affiliate marketing and have pretty good knowledge about it. And my blog serves that purpose as well.

So, if your foundation is good then everything else falls in place automatically. If you haven’t delved into the Affiliate Marketing seriously – you are up for disaster.

So, I hope you have understood by learning different blogs, forums and articles that what CPC, CPM, CR, EPC, LTV, Vertical, Geo, Traffic Source etc., are. Great job! If not, don’t be disheartened, take some more time and learn a bit more about these terminologies which will be helpful in long run.

Learning is an ever evolving process. The more you learn the more you spread across to people.

Ok, So Now I assume that you are well-versed with some of the technical jargon and have a proper (appropriate) knowledge about all the stuff related to Affiliate marketing. If you have seen the process of making bricks they are wet and malleable and when put under the kiln it comes across red hot and sturdy and after cooling down it is reddish orange in color and ready to build the building (Affiliate marketing Building) which will last for centuries.

How To Choose Super Affiliate Networks

Beginners get confused with which Super Affiliate networks they should start with. I’m emphasizing on Super Affiliate Networks for a reason. Do you want to work with shady, non-paying, shaving affiliate networks or the best in the industry? Yes, the best – and those are the Super Affiliate Networks.

End of the day you should be sure that you are getting paid on time and for the endeavors you have done.

So my suggestion is to go to – AffPaying – They give a better idea about how the Affiliate network is, what are their payment terms, payment methods, Payment frequency, screenshots from users who got payments from them, a good description about what that particular Affiliate network focuses on – like they might be strong in sweeps but not in dating or something else. So these are some good points you can get out of it.

Another great platform I use to check about networks is – Thalamus – Their tagline tells it all – Research ad vendors and buyers across 
the largest advertising database on earth. You should actually go to their page and see what all information they comprise.

Searching For Offers

Searching for and comparing offers is also a task and it is simplified by my favorite –

There are few others as well like –, AffScanner, etc.,

Researching about these offers, networks is very important before applying for an Affiliate network. Check as well.

Keeping up with the trending topics in Affiliate Marketing

You should bookmark –, as well. It aggregates news from different Affiliate marketing websites at one place.

Getting Approved At Super Affiliate Network As A Beginner

First thing I want to tell you is write exactly what you intent to do in the sign up page. Don’t exaggerate things. Affiliate managers do read these answers that you write and if you don’t put professionalism into place there – you are gone case already.

Affiliate networks have few to 100s of Affiliate managers and the kind of volume of sign ups from affiliates they receive is insane and they actually won’t be able to follow up with you or you don’t even hear back from him/her. It happens, but you have to be persistent.

Opening a skype account is the best thing as most Affiliate managers are on skype. Keep a spreadsheet/Evernote made of where you are applying and what you have written there. You can take screenshots and paste it there. so it is easier for you to reference back when talking to the Affiliate manager in accordance to what type of information you have given them out.

If they don’t respond back to you – you gotta be persistent. Direct message them on LinkedIn or search on Skype for their company and most of the times you will get results like above and get in touch with these people as well if the Affiliate manager has not responded back in 2-3 days or your Application is rejected without giving a reason (Tip: Sometimes Platforms where they are hosted also auto reject unnecessarily – for example hasoffers by Tune).

Word of Caution: Don’t annoy the AM. They are busy people and handling hundreds of accounts and wait for answer to be given. Patience pays off and a smiley too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also if you make money they make commission too.

As you are a beginner don’t say fancy things that I have made 5000 dollars and all. These tricks fail.

  1. Be faithful.
  2. Ask questions like what is working at their network, if AM could take some time out and give the Top Offer list by EPC (Most already have it handy).
  3. Tell the AM about what you have been doing prior to applying to the affiliate network and have been an active member of different forums and can give links to those threads in forums where you have posted valuable insights.
  4. Explain in detail How you will promote their offer – so before explaining this ask them beforehand what are the accepted traffic sources that particular offer that you liked accept and you can explain if you can or can not run that offer.
  5. If approved you would need W8/W9 form to be given to the Affiliate network, if it is based in USA.
  6. Make cordial and friendly relationship with the Affiliate Manager. A simple Good morning message goes a long way.

Few of the questions Affiliate Managers Ask

How Long have you been an affiliate marketer?

Are you a full time or part time affiliate marketer?

Were you referred to us? If yes, by whom were you referred?

What other networks are you working with right now?

What offers are you currently promoting that are profitable, or are you on the hunt for a particular offer?

What is your CURRENT provable three month AVERAGE REVENUE PER MONTH?

Please provide two network references:

Affiliate Manager:
Phone #:
Skype Address:

Affiliate Manager:
Phone #:
Skype Address:

Please help by providing most current screenshots for proof of network and recent revenue.

Please show 2-3 CURRENT – Complete Screenshots
Please note that your screenshots MUST show:  At least 3 months of traffic data, including dates, clicks, conversions, revenue and optionally offer names.
Your Full Name/Business Name in the dashboard.
Network Name (that the screenshot is from)

  • What niche(s) are your most profitable these days?  
  • If you had to pick your two top niches, which would that, be?
  • Sub Niches?
  • What traffic source(s) are you currently working with?
  • Which Countries are you targeting or would you prefer to target? 

Most Affiliate Manager won’t ask you so many questions but you should be prepared for this. Give honest answers. If you are new – say Im new to industry but I have followed few industry leader for the past 2 months and have acquired umpteen knowledge to use {Traffic_source} and prove to you that I can be a big asset for you too. ๐Ÿ™‚

After you are approved be clear about payment terms and ask if it can be reduced to Weekly or bi-monthly etc., and also as you start driving traffic ask for Payout bumps on offers and continuously ask for feedback about how his traffic performing for the advertiser. This is important, this shows your respect for the Affiliate network and the advertiser that you are good person and want to have a long term relationship with them.

My Tip: Affiliate Managers know what is working at network and having a warm, cordial and friendly relationship with them is a perk. He could divulge good information to you what to run and have success way faster than others and burning less money.

Always remember, Your attitude and respect for others always matter and it reciprocates!

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