How To Create Marketing Campaign Angles That Convert

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In marketing an “Angle” is a method of connecting people/audience with the product/service you are promoting.

These “Angles” rely on persuasion techniques and psychological interference on audience in a subtle manner where the product/service is promoted.

I’m not going to give a mathematics lecture, but in mathematics – if you check what an angle is – “an angle can be defined as the figure formed by two rays meeting at a common end point.” Here let’s say “two rays” are your unique ways of showcasing your product/service to “Common end point” which is the – Market or Audience.

It is just an illustration to show that angle is an important part of any marketing strategy in place. In internet marketing most people don’t pay attention to this important aspect and then don’t understand why the ad didn’t work.

The proper marketing angle can make a huge difference when making customers to buy or try a product/service. Let’s dive into few examples of perfect ads angles which big brands are using

Here we see that at the time of writing, Apple came up with new MacBook Air and as we see the headline – “Lightness strikes again.

Let’s strip this down from the perspective of the product first.

MacBook Air is massively bought by customers due to it feather light weight and a very decent performance than other laptops in competition. My third laptop was MacBook Air as well, by the way.

Here by saying “Lightness strikes again.” – They have juggled with the word – “Light” and as you know when it rains light strikes as well. So, here they wanted to convey that MacBook Air is lighter than its predecessor. So, in a rustling rain and rumbling cloud (lot of other products showering in the market) Light struck before (the older and light MacBook Air) and now “Again” being Lighter.

A Targeted Angle Is Very Important For The Success Of Your Ad and in turn your product or service.

And Apple did it quite well – showcasing that they have come up with latest MacBook Air which is way Lighter.

Let’s check another angle of big brand – AT&T.

Here their line is simplistic – “Best Coverage worldwide” – which is their angle that they have the best network coverage across 200 countries and that is what customers want when travelling in foreign countries. So, simple explanation of what your product/service does serves the purpose as well. We are not going into the details of how they have designed the ads with hands colored with the ethos and culture of other countries as shown in above two images which are secondary part. If your angle is not correct those images won’t mean anything.

What Are The Secrets To Writing Great Marketing Angles?

  1. Check what Big Brands are doing

I have shown you above how Apple and AT&T are using angles to promote their ads. Go above and beyond these and check for more inspiration from lot of website dedicated to sourcing top brand ads like

2. Choose your niche and move up the ladder

I have always told in previous blogs that go by your interests, that will take you way beyond your limits and you will be able to achieve success sooner. Same applies here. If you have genuine interest in a niche for example – Health, then there is higher probability that you will be able to come up with better angles than other affiliates in same niche because you know the market in and out and figure out how the Ads can be tweaked for the market and be quirky.

3. Get into the shoes of the customer

It is harder to get into the shoes of the customer, but you can take help of your friends and family as well in this. If you want to promote an “Insurance” offer and don’t have any knowledge about it, someone in your friends and family might already have one – ask simple questions like How the Insurance agent persuaded him, what benefits did you like about it, what were the doubts they had, etc., so you can get clearer picture where to focus on. Likewise use the power of imagination and read about people what they tend to like or dislike, twitter search could become handy too.

4. Demographics

Demographics plays an important part in deciding how your ad will work out, sometimes it work out as a disaster as well if the ad was not well planned and demographics were ignored with the sentiments involved in those region. Classic example happened a few days back in India where “Dabur” – made an ad without full analysis of the ethos and cultural sameness of Indian Bengalis and Bangladesh’s Bengalis who both adore Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Poem. But Dabur used Rabindra Nath’s poem and a bengali delicacy called “Til er naadu” to show ferocious mocking of Bangladesh using Rabindra Nath Tagore’s poem and there was so much outrage in Bengalis in India and Bangladesh for the same. You can read about it here – #BoycottDabur: Why a Tagore poem in an India-Bangladesh World Cup ad has outraged Bengalis

So, factors of demographics give direction to how your ad copy would be like. For example


Let’s take an example of Baby Diaper via Age group. 21-25 years old, We can understand that they might be going through a phase of having a baby or dream of having a baby sooner – so the molding of ad for them would be different telling about various angles like the diaper being delicate, no rashes etc.,

We move on to higher age groups for example 50-60 years old, here the scenario changes mostly where they would be looking for Baby Diapers for their grandson or granddaughter and you have to tweak the ad angle showing for example affection you have for granddaughter and how the Baby Diaper will help them achieve it. Another thing would be Adult diapers too which are required for most adults in unhealthy condition. Check about their problems and make the angle accordingly. I’m not sure about the problem they face – but example – “Going to Washroom becoming a nightmare? Get XYZ Adult Diapers”. I’m not sure if angle is correct as haven’t researched but you get an idea what I am talking about.


Gender plays an important role in your marketing endeavors. If your ad doesn’t touch the emotions of the male and female customers then you are at a dead end. You need a far more better understanding about what Men like and what Women like. Lets see the how Women and Men buy a car and what are the factors involved in it – Please read the article about it here: Cars Women Want: Study Shows Strong Preference for Affordability and Korean-Made

So, it is clear that Men mostly tend to look at a product’s usefulness, its technical specifications, status symbol, how it works,etc.; 

Women simply want to know what a product will do and how affordable it is.

There are other aspects as well, where in-depth research comes into play. Like if you see sporty cars like BMW or Luxury cars like Bentley, Rolls Royce etc., you will see that those are shown mostly in dark colors like black. But Women on otherside look for bright colors, varying designs and also I have noticed women tend to like fonts which has handwritten typography – most of my sisters use those kind of fonts on their phones and wonder about that as I use simple and sleek looking fonts on phone.

Women tend to like these kind of fonts

And if you are a male and making an ad copy focusing on female audience – Please make sure to show them to few of your female friends so they can give their honest review of what they like or dislike about it.

I highly recommend buying an reading “Cashvertising” by Drew Eric Whitman

which tells about the “The Life Force 8” which are the eight basic human instincts hardwired into every person namely

  1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverages
  3. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfortable living conditions
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses
  7. Care and protection of loved ones
  8. Social approval

This will play an important role in making sure your angles are touching the customer.

This is what I do when writing my SMS text messages as well, if you are able to pinpoint with help of the above 8 factors and reading Cashvertising and few other Marketing books, you would try to get a better idea how the human psychology works and how it can be used to make better ads and which in-turn give you higher CTR on your ads.

Hope you were able to grasp few golden nuggets out of this and let me know if you have any other suggestions worth mentioning here. 🙂

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