How To Get Started With Solo Ads To Build A List + Get More Conversions

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Every day around 205 Billion emails are sent and you would be shocked that on each $1 USD spent on email the ROI is $38. Many of you might have emailed to your customer lists and would have seen losses too. There is sophistication required in achieving your ROI. Playing the game without knowing the details of email deliverability, whether users like plain email or graphically-designed emails, knowing the customer needs, etc., is the soup for disaster.

Today, We would go into Solo Ads in details. Why some people are failing at it and some are making a ton of money too in this year and I believe the trend will continue to break barriers. So, let’s dive into it.

What Are Solo Ads?

In simple terms, it is an advertisement of your email to a Consumer email list owned by some other person/company. So, you go ahead and talk to this Solo Ads provider and give your email content (with a link to your squeeze page/offer page) and that Solo Ads provider sends you email content to his big list of consumers.

The good thing about Solo Ads is you don’t have to pay for the opening of email by users but clicks on your links. Also about the solo ads, the customers already know the Solo ads provider and he has been sending them quality content already and then once in a while he sends your promotional email saying something like “Hey I checked this and it looks cool, you should probably check it out as well at …..” But you should know the nitty-gritty of the solo ads. It sounds astounding to just purchase clicks and convert them and make money – but it doesn’t work this way.

There are a few things you should take into consideration before going into Solo Ads

  1. Vertical: The consumer list varies from solo ads vendor to another vendor. So you should be aware of it. Talking with the solo ads vendor and knowing about the type of vertical the consumer fits in is very important. Maybe it is a health niche vertical and you sent irrelevant make money online vertical offer to those. You might get sales by chance but better to send relevant emails to customers. Solo ads are mostly for Make Money Online, Health & Beauty, Male Enhancement. So it is a good choice for Affiliate marketers and Info Product sellers.
  2. Frequency: How often the list is being sent promotional emails is very important. Know for a fact that around 60% of consumers like a weekly dose of promotional emails.
  3. Offers: It is good to have a rapport with the Solo ads provider. You can judge with the kind of answer (S)he gives – if (s)he is a scammer or telling truth. They might have sent so many promotional emails earlier that they have an understanding of which type of offers works the best. Doesn’t cost you anything to just ask but makes it easier to choose your offer accordingly or choose another vendor if you already selected the offer – simple.
  4. Squeeze Page/Pre-Landing Page: It is very important that you have your own squeeze page with Lead Magnet (which I have explained in previous blogs) where you capture email list of consumers and then redirect it to the offer page. It is very important to do like this – because if you send directly to an affiliate offer you lose those consumer emails and can not do follow-ups, can not do anything. But if the list goes to you from the squeeze page, you can nurture the list with relevant information series and grow the list and probably become a solo ads provider yourself too after a period of time.
  5. Testing Small & From Multiple Vendors: You never know what kind of conversion you will get out of that solo ad drop, so purchasing the smallest volume and seeing the actual result is the best option. Don’t get carried away with big talks of those solo ads buyers who might lure you to buy bigger volume. There is also strategy in place where for smaller send out for testing purpose they will send their best traffic to you and after getting convinced with the results you will just hand them over say 1000 USD worth of clicks and bang you don’t get conversions. This happens in this industry a lot, so beware of putting too much amount in one bucket. Better research and buy from multiple vendors so you get an opportunity to see what is working best for you.
  6. Email Swipe: It is good to have a professional and convincing email ad copy written and it should immediately strike the consumer. You should read about angles as well. If you don’t have the necessary skills to write the ad copy, you can ask the solo ads provider for a few example email swipes that have produced better for others and taking cues from it and changing it accordingly – remember that email swipe that he shared is already emailed to consumer and sending that same probably won’t have the same effect. So you could either go to Fiverr or if you have a good budget to Upwork, freelancer, etc. and get an ad copy written.
  7. A/B Test: You do A/B test of landers why not of email swipes as well? Check with your solo ad provider to send out two emails so you can quantify which email is working better.
  8. Retargeting: You should ask your solo ads vendor if he can put a retargeting pixel in the email and what it does is, it makes your ads float everywhere when the user opens that solo email and if they haven’t clicked on the link, you can just retarget them with ads from retargeting company’s pixel, like google ads, facebook ads, Adroll, etc.,

Where To Buy/Sell Solo Ads?

There are many places to buy/sell solo ads. The best marketplace at the moment is You can directly contact the seller via chat and inbuilt tracking system to see the Geolocation, clicks and other metrics.

See how prices, ratings, description, etc., are written

Another good place is to buy from The good thing about it is you get to see the reviews, comments of the guys who are selling it and have an understanding of who to do work with. You can also search for a few solo ads individuals who have their own website and research about them if they fit your needs. For example, you can search for the top ten solo ad vendors.

How To Write A Solo Ad?

To write a solo ad you should understand your own necessity first. Do you need more conversions or emails or what you want? And then think about the subject line – making the subject line too enticing and user’s open rates will be good but if they see irrelevant or poor content of the email, they gonna just skip it or delete it. You want a perfect balance for your subject line. Check out the OptinMonster’s Updated Subject Lines which will give you an idea about the marketing tricks to use and just keep a balance of what your subject line says – too much-overrated subject line will get good open rate but poor conversion on your squeeze page.

For the body of the email – Always start with what you are giving out and give them a curiosity like “Are you really excited to make $500 this week?” then give the link right below and don’t just write Click HERE or Click NOW etc., But give a small description and href (link it out) it. Like “How to get $500 with this 7 step method“. After that give a small description about it and don’t give out all the information in the email. Keep the curiosity level and also jot down for them their problem and fears they have – probably like overpriced, won’t work, very hard to do, too much work involved, etc.,
and give your link again. Two times the link is the best practice.


Tracking is very important in solo ads. Most Solo Ad provider will give you a link to track the clicks done. But if they don’t as well, you should have your own system in place and two best options for click tracking are – Clickmeter and Improvely. By the way, if you are using Udimi, you already get those metrics.

That’s it for the solo ads for now. Let me know in the comments below if you didn’t understand any part of this.

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