Mistakes In Life Which Costed Near To Million Dollars

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To err is human – and I completely agree with it. You have to move on in life. Back in 2014 when I started actual affiliate marketing, I was testing lots of stuff, was going through lot of blogs and articles to get an idea of how successful people make money online.

Back then I was doing POF (Plenty of Fish Advertising) and making close to 15-25 USD profit a day. Which was a big achievement for me at that time. But, I didn’t want getting stuck at that profits. Then I tried multiple methods and came across doing SMS marketing and was thinking how I can apply and I started testing it out and in matter of months was doing 4-6 figures profits in that and I shared this with another person, who was good as a sales person and convincing people to get signed up for courses. He asked why don’t we JV (Joint Venture) and make a killing teaching people about what you are doing.

It was an exciting opportunity as I haven’t taught anyone previously and wanted to experience it. We started teaching people about it and it was a huge success.

We made money – but the flip side of it was – that person also learnt it for free with who I collaborated and he just gave a bunch of people to start with as collaboration and as he knew the technique – he removed me and started doing things on his own and making money himself – “though it was short lived for him”.

You will hardly get people who are genuine. Better start teaching alone than repenting later.

I was so open minded that few friends approached and asked what I do and as I believed them as real friends I wanted to share my profits with them – without they doing anything. Big Big Mistake. Never ever do that.

People will learn from you and leave you behind when they know it. I came to know that one friend even was sourcing my SMS data that I was sending, via backdoor talks with the SMS provider to give my data to that friend. It chilled me to the spine – how people do this where so much trust I have endowed on them?

I was just 25 or 26 years of age and this time I was fascinated by other super affiliate marketers who were flashing so many cars – and I had a passion for cars.

I sold my old Honda City 2001 and gave Honda Civic to one of my friend just out of compassion (I’m just too generous to be honest) but a month back got in a verbal spat with him on a matter irrelevant to this where he told that – “I gave the Honda Civic for the sheer purpose of getting my sister married to him.” It was disheartening and I was in a state of depression due to this.

Then I took high-end cars like Mercedes C250, Audi Q7, Range Rover Evoque, Audi A4 and a bike as well Harley Davidson Forty Eight etc., as I was much influenced by other fellow marketers and I was doing good numbers. My two cents – Don’t do like me – its better to invest in assets first – the other things will automatically follow later.

But flashing so much money get noticed by preying eyes who will give you uncountable reason to lend them money and due to my nature of unable to say “NO”, lent huge sum of money to friends and family and you guessed it right, it never comes back ever.

So, Always keep it low-profile and these problem won’t occur if you earning good as well.

Don’t Invest In A Product/Service In Which You Don’t Have Knowledge

I purchased Tapgage – a mobile ad network for a huge sum and then realized that it is not my cup of tea. I was influenced to buy this because I was doing heavy mobile apps marketing at that time and seemed like a perfect opportunity to have my own ad network but didn’t know about the kind of cash flow required to run it, having a great team pushing publishers and advertisers, etc., and getting fed up of that I wanted to do something innovative – I started working on Mobile App Analytics platform taking cues from the big guys who were already doing it and invested close to $150,000 into it and came to know that you have to have better developer to make your vision a reality but till then I already lost around $150,000 and was not interested in pursuing it as I have to do it from scratch again and market was shift every month and keeping up with the pace was impossible so had to abandon that.

So, Again I came back to Affiliate marketing and started earning where I seemed fit and making money again – this is what my passion is and that’s why I succeed here. The small gaps of down period is in every person’s life. But you have to carry on! Looking back is never ever a solution. 🙂

I always wanted to have a full fledged marketing teaching blog where I could share what I was doing but I thought to myself why don’t I invest in few other activities than making a marketing teaching website. And that what I did for few years.

But, Now it seems that it is perfect time for me to radiate whatever small knowledge I have about marketing so that all can learn and don’t make mistakes like I did and have much much more success in life than what I have.

I truly believe that you have learnt something valuable from this.

Let me know what you think.

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