My Journey Till Now!

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Many people say don’t look back just go forward. But, I highly disapprove of this class of thought. Look back and learn!

Let me recount my journey in a brief manner as well and share a few experiences.

I was born in a lower middle class Bengali Family in Udhampur (Jammu & Kashmir, India). My father was in army and mother was a home-maker. They have seen and been through the India-Bangladesh partition era where 1 million people were butchered and people like my father, our grandmother, grandfather and all had to flee Bangladesh leaving everything they had behind and take refuge in India. I still remember when these discussion used to happen at home how the entire situation was and Our grandparents were only allowed to carry only 5 Rupees (equivalent to USD 0.073) and leave every small or big belonging behind and take shelter in India and be put in refugee camps. Our grandparents and at that time of partition, my father was five or eight years of age. My mother was not born at that time as she was the youngest of her four other siblings who had seen the pain of partition.

My father used to say that our paternal grandfather used to cultivate huge agriculture land in Bangladesh and used to love eating fish. But after the partition and left with nothing, he used to go through the bazaar and see the fishes lined up but had to just look at it and remember the days and returning home empty-handed.

Both my mother and father’s family had seen the worst days right from eating a kind of seed boiled instead of rice (not even rice – it was so pricey and not even the broken rice) as they all were living day to day and making ends meet and have potato boiled and gulping that seed boiled which used to look like rice and some green chillies to sleeping empty stomach sometimes.

My father used to say – he had to drink water and fill up his stomach full when at school so that he doesn’t feel the hunger pangs for some time. He was a brilliant student – very good in mathematics, and command over the English language was applaudable and I still and forever adore and idolize him for that and many other small things. He had an undying spirit and enthusiasm for the English language and I still have the Cambridge English dictionary that he used to learn words from. He never went to an English medium school but his writing and speaking style was par excellence and he once explained the beauty of the language as well, how we can express ourselves and play with words. I still remember it vividly when he told me that. He told in Hindi that see how we can say this – “Woh bahut cigarette peeta hai” – in two different manner – He puffs a lot of cigarettes and He spends a lot on cigarettes and we can go on making different types of sentences if you have good command over English and a big vocabulary. And there was a time when at his school everyone was given a chance to get a free book from Ram Krishna Math (if I remember correctly my father and my uncles saying it was Ram Krishna Math). So, Children were given a choice to buy the book in Hindi or English. So, Everyone registered and my father was the only one in the entire School who asked for an English copy of that book, which amazed every student – my uncles used to tell and still tell it how they were astonished how my father knew English.

My father was not able to study further due to circumstances at their homes (actually at most of the families of that time) and studied till matriculation. He used to dig soil and earn wages and get some money for the family. He used to tell how he had slept with bricks underneath his head as pillows on grounds after getting tired of digging soil. After matriculation, he went for Army selection and was selected and joined as a Rang Root (Sepoy) and served his last position has Havildar, SKT (Store Keeper) in EME with Exemplary honor given to him.

He was passionate about dictionaries, and you can see I still have his collection of dictionaries – the top row is mostly stacked with dictionaries.

So, What I want to tell you all through my father’s example is – If you have a passion, don’t let it die. Go over and above it. So people remember you for something you were best at.

My mother used to say that my father was not someone who will bow down to anything and there were few good officers, but most of the officers look down at lower-ranking officials and she told one instance when one officer had been flanking my father in English and my father stood up from the chair and gave him the befitting reply in English that don’t underestimate anyone and challenged him that if that officer could prove him wrong with what he had written, he would leave the job in the Army. The officer was stunned with my father’s command over English and belittling him is asking for more problems for himself.

There is so much to tell that I have to write a book about my father and mother and someday I will.

But, Now let me tell you about my mother who was born in India but had been through the same difficult and hard to live family background, but she was the youngest and got the most of the love from all the brothers and sisters she had.

She was vibrant as a rainbow, full of energy and wanted to fly high and she still is. But circumstances don’t let everyone grow them to their fullest potential but you should never give up.

Still, after marriage and having an elder sister of mine dying due to pneumonia and the trauma surrounding that, I was born and she had a special connection and attachment for me and my little sister envy that a lot. I was my mother’s apple of the eye and my sister was my father’s. My mother always is a flying bird, talkative (not non-sensical blabber) and want to do beyond just being a home-maker. And that what she did, She did beauty parlor course and started her own small Home-based parlor and was pretty famous. At this time of writing as well, she is running Beauty Parlor and more importantly, she is dominating it at this area where I live now for more than 20 years (and cumulatively 27 years). Other beauty parlors have come and gone but here also you see that it is the passion and interest in what you are doing which plays an important role in molding yourself and making your path “AUTO-CORRECT” to “SUCCESS”.

Do even a minuscule thing – but do it with dedication and that automatic inner-urge has to be there and you can do wonders in your life.

For my sister, as an elder brother, I have a special place in my heart which I don’t actually show but do indirectly. She has been moving towards success and I adore her persistence a lot and she is a real money saver (Scrooge McDuckling). She sticks to her point and after her marriage, I have seen changes in her behavior and attitude towards life which is magnificent and extraordinaire.

Now, to speak about me. I was the shy, introvert, contemplate sometimes morosely and sometimes joyfully and people state that I’m kind and emotional mush sometimes – that’s my personality.

My parents, though through a financial crisis and saving every paisa (penny) to up-bring my sister and I, did their best to take us to where we are and I’m fortunate about with the utmost respect for them.

After our family was roaming all over northern India as in the Army you get posted to new state every few years, finally my father took voluntary retirement after serving his last posting at Kupwara Sector in Jammu Kashmir and settled back at our village where my further education from Sixth grade took place and being studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School) earlier the transition was difficult for me to adapt with the people, adapt with the school structure and all. I used to cry and didn’t want to go to school and have taken a lot of beatings from parents due to this.

But I should attest to the fact that my real education happened at this small village school and I learnt so much here than what I was learning at Kendriya Vidyalaya. I was brilliant student from childhood and had been ranking 1st all my student years at my village and as I went to 11th standard all of a sudden things took a turn. I always was fascinated by computers. I saw a computer at Kendriya Vidyalaya from outside the door of computer Class room but never ever was able to touch it till I was in 11th standard, where someday at a lunch break I had 10 rupees and went to an Internet Café and just touched the computer and it was just completely blissful moment for me. My father had a book at home called Wordstar 98 or something by same name on which he used to work I guess while in Army. So, I had checked few pages of that book and another one before going to that Internet Café.

So, I was doing random stupid things on computer knowing nothing as those books I read showed something and I was not able to find those things on Windows 98. I guess it was Windows 98 that time. So, Checking my disability at performing anything properly, as I was not even open Internet explorer as didn’t know that you had to double click at a certain speed on the icon to open it, the Internet Café guy helped me out to show how it works and showed me how to create yahoo email address.

My first email address was created there and he asked to type the address so I typed pritish by checking and taking 5 seconds for each key to be identified and then he said to press “Underscore” and I didn’t know what the heck is “Underscore”. So, he taught that time that it is by pressing SHIFT and the dash sign and where @ is. and I made my first email address as pritish_1988 (1988 being my year of birth) @ and phew 1/2 an hour was over and I was ecstatic, blissful, euphoric and whatever you want to call it that day.

Then the fun part began, I started going more frequently to Internet Café and learning things about computer and internet. I was fascinated and it seemed like my life. It was back in 2005. I started bunking classes for months – probably I went to classes for 2 months in a row and other times I was not attending any lectures from morning 9 AM till evening 5, I used to sit at the Internet café and learn things, that’s when GMAIL invitation thing also started and I got one. Google, Yahoo and Altavista were my everything at that time. I wanted to see how I can earn through this online stuff and tested lots of things all from clicking and making money – like donkey emails and many more money making websites which never made me money anyways LOL.

The I tried making a free website and adding Google Adsense code into it and clicking it myself and asking few friends to do that as well and ask people in Yahoo messenger chat groups as well to do and made some actual dollars the first time in my life 98 USD ( short of 2 USD for check to be sent) which may still be there in the adsense account. The reason for not making those 2 USD was fascinating as well. I was a brilliant student and was given scholarship to study for free for the 11th grade and teachers knew me but didn’t notice till one day one teacher enquired with one of my friend where is he and he told he goes to Internet Café everyday and he gave the address of the internet café. Those days the internet café used to have black glass for privacy so that no one would be able to see from outside what customers are doing – and I still remember that time I was just opening and checking the rolling ball of the mouse and inside of it how it actually works and bingo I see 3 known teachers’ bikes approaching the Internet café and I actually hid under the computer desk and they checked and didn’t find anyone and went away.

With these circumstances, I started going back to college as it might escalate more and that what happened – the principal of the college visited our home one fine evening and ate Rasgulla (an Indian sweet) and had tea and revealed everything what I was doing. And thankfully that day my father went for some work at a nearby city. And mom explained me that it is not good and she told that was the reason her piggy bank appeared so light – I was stealing money from that piggy bank and paying for the Internet Café bills.

I went to college for few months regular and teachers used to target me and ask questions more frequently and I was not the one who will just back down – I used to learn which will be taught in advance and come prepared always. So, One fine day – I was chit chatting with one of my friends and I was giggling and one mathematics teacher asked me to stand up and answer the next step of the solution she was writing for an equation – I told her and she wrote it and said it is wrong but girls who used to sit on the other side of the bench screamed it is correct madam – it is after three steps that step what I answered comes. She was astonished 😀 but anyways asked me to come in the front row and listen to the lecture attentively and then came towards me and said silently you shouldn’t do it that way – seeing that she was humiliated I said Ok madam. Haha.

I once asked my mother how much does she have in her RD(Recurring Deposit) at Post office. She said 18000 INR (Close to 150-200 USD) those days and asked why? I said – No nothing. As I wanted to know if we can afford a computer which used to cost 42000 INR ( Close to 500 USD) those days. And I dropped the fascination of having a computer.

Then after college, I wanted to go for an undergraduate program called B.Tech (IT) but due to financial constraints and knowing that Education loan is just a faguzzi, fugazzi, it’s a wazzie, it’s a woozie it’s fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It is for someone who already has money or guarantors who people/family like us never have and my dream to be learning B.Tech were shattered and with the amount we had my parents were only able to afford for BCA (Bachelors of Computer Application) part-time program that cost 12000 INR or something I forgot per semester. I joined that institute and learned nothing out of that but the best thing happened to me was the friend circle I had there used to carry good mobiles with an internet connection which used to cost 25000-45000 INR, but I asked my mother if she can give 5600 INR and I can buy a second-hand mobile phone and she gave it (See here who has changed my life indirectly or directly however you want to see it). And the next day I purchased the Nokia 6600 which has few problems like Bluetooth didn’t work and a few other small issues but internet was there and I was satisfied with that and Google was my best friend and I started learning things, exploring new stuff, learning HTML etc., and those were the best days of my life which taught me many things.

But due to unavoidable circumstances, I was unable to finish the second year of the BCA course and had to move to Pune to work. And it was a struggle to get the first job in the call center. But I got it finally in a few months and then used to stay with my cousin and a friend of his named Puneet Chopra who was good with the computer and was from a rich family as well. As I never mentioned this to anyone but I used to stay hungry few days to save money and sometimes only eat in the night time at a place 15 INR Pav-Bhaji (Bread and some curry) as my salary was the lowest of all of them – it was 6800 INR and I used to send 3000 INR at home too. He bought a computer with an Internet connection from Hathway with 64 KBPS or 128 KBPS connection line and there were no bounds to my happiness that I will be able to do few things on that computer whenever I get time but bang – he plugged in the computer and the hard disk burnt the first day due to electricity problem – he got it replaced the next day and then we did a lot of things on that like making websites, earning a few bucks with freelancer websites etc.,

Then slowly with earnings from call center job and salary hikes and all my cousin and I moved to a bigger rented flat and used to stay there where I used to use my cousin’s computer for my work and used to connect with lot of people in the call center industry and marketing industry and learnt and got lot of connections from that time.

Then due to few circumstances my cousin and I moved back to our village and I told that I can not work under anyone and my cousin was not that determined and chose to work in call center again in Hyderabad.

I started a small center in Hyderabad with the savings I had and started making a bit of money and was able to keep parents happy as by installing Water Drum, pipe fittings, inverter etc., at home.

But from the inner core I was not meant for operating company (though it was mine) but working independently and solo and doing things my way how I used to love so I delved into Internet Marketing field and shut down the small company that I had in Hyderabad.

And this was the time when I was not making money again but had some savings and a second-hand car (Honda City). Suddenly my father passed away and that was such a painful experience that I still go into a zone of silence sometimes remembering him who was a role model for me and never stopped me from doing what I was doing.

But, the responsibility of the whole family – my mother and my sister was on me now and I tested doing few Internet marketing strategies and in the month of February 2014, I found it when I invested 4 USD and made 9.72 USD on a small test that I had in SMS Marketing.

And then I scaled it up and with encouragement from a friend and a very special friend who always remains the biggest part of my success. I was able to do wonders in SMS Marketing and I taught people as well how to make money with SMS marketing – most made money who had the zeal and few complained as well. But overall it was a great journey!

Then I started a company which dealt in Loans, Insurance and also an affiliate network with various offers in it and I will some day put up a course about it how to open up your own affiliate network successfully as I now know how it operates.

But as I told you all, My strength and enthusiasm is always working solo and I am a good teacher so it was always in my mind to do something about this and that’s why I started this website and want to provide the strategies and right methods and motivation to people to keep up and be successful in life.

This is my mission now!

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