Scaling Profits With Data Monetization and Re-monetization Techniques In Affiliate Marketing?

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As an affiliate, you collect Names, Email Addresses, Phone numbers and maybe addresses too at your Pre-Lander and then send it across to the Affiliate offer, right?

You might be nurturing those with relevant emails, informative information and re-marketing them other products and offers. That is the normal norm that most of the advanced affiliates use to leverage them from just being dependent on a one-time purchase of traffic and sending to the offer and making one-time money with that traffic.

The secret lies in remarketing that with good funnels yourself again so that you make more ROI on the same traffic you bought earlier and sending to different relevant offers that you think might be relevant enough for the consumers.

Most of the advanced affiliate marketers do it themselves and have a set of rules in place to monetize those leads.

There are two types of data/leads types we can categorize into

  1. Clicker Data/Leads
  2. Partial Data/Leads
  3. Conversion Data/Leads

As clicker leads indicate that those are consumers that probably clicked on your link and didn’t actually do any activity on your landing page.

Partial leads are those where the consumer clicked on your link, went to your pre-landing page and filled up the information like email, phone number, etc., and then didn’t actually do any activity or didn’t convert at the advertiser’s end.

Conversion leads are obvious – they did all the above and then converted on advertiser’s end.

Methodology to market to these 3 sets of Leads is quite different.

Clicker Data Method

With clicker data, you have known that your creative, Email copy or SMS copy or whatever means of ad you were promoting actually tempted the user to click on the link and go to the landing page. That is actually a good thing, you know what kind of audience you have and ask yourself questions why they didn’t enter their information on your landing page. You can not get 100% CTR on your form – the factors can vary depending upon a lot of things which are under your control or outside your control too. But one thing is, we can pretty much increase the CTR if we look deeper into the landing page and if you have added Heatmaps, conversion funnels, etc., at your end – For that, you can check for heat maps and analytics or can use time tested and optimized pre-lander from LeadPages or Unbounce, ClickFunnels, etc.,

After analyzing the gaps in it you can remarket something which those audiences might be interested in with probably retargeting pixels and showing similar but more optimized ads – it will vary with the traffic channel you are utilizing.

Partial Data Method

With partial leads, the strategy is a bit different as they already were interested enough to put their information in your pre-landing page form and were convinced by your lead magnet. Now, what is left is convincing them in a manner with proper relationship build-up with a sequence of good information loaded emails or texts or retargeting ads etc., For example, if it was for a honey product, you can tell them about fascinating uses about bee wax, then warming them up and then promoting the product again or promoting a different but similar product altogether. And if you keep the relationship good enough with informative emails, SMS, push notifications, etc., you can promote other offers too with the same customers.

Conversion Data Method

Conversion Leads or Buyers Leads are most sought after leads that are valuable assets for you and have bought, converted with the affiliate network/advertiser offer. To monetize them again and keep them engaged, you should follow the same path as giving them useful and exciting information related to the audiences’ interest. Making a rapport with them and after that promoting offer which you consider will be valuable for them – for that you have to search suitable offers – good source to search for offers could be ClickBank, CJ, OfferVault, etc.,

These things might be a bit overwhelming for some starting in the affiliate marketing industry. And I can totally relate to that.

Data or Leads Monetization/ Re-Monetization

For that there are many data monetization/re-monetization companies out there who take the burden out of your back and they do the heavy lifting for you and do revenue share with you for the leads that you send them via direct API post or as with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or using some pretty advanced tools like Relevance Reactor which eases the data sending, cleaning and categorizing for example which website leads will go to which email, SMS, pay per call re-marketer if you have multiple offers running. We will go into depth about Relevance Reactor in another blog as well.

For searching most of the data monetization companies – you will be able to find them on LinkedIn, Facebook groups, etc., – but beware about scammers who just take your leads and never pay – so ask in your business friend circle first who might be doing data monetization and do it with them or who have good reputation in the market.

Keep the terms very clear with the data monetization companies/individuals that they should properly nurture it and not just burn the customers by bombarding with irrelevant content and offers. The less relevant the content the less conversion and less profit for both of you. Going too harsh on consumers and not caring for them just gonna put your email or message in front of them as yet another crap and down it goes to spam and complain box.

Brokering Data Monetization

Another Data monetization method which many people do is brokering the data/leads and working with reliable partners and shooting emails, SMS, push, direct mails, etc., or doing it yourself on a rev-share basis.

If you do it yourself, this needs good knowledge about already converting offers, landing page already being optimized, email swipes which are working already and leads which the owner of the data/leads will give which correlate with the offers you are promoting. Also, you have to have data purchase agreements in place for the data being can-spam compliant and adhering to other laws governing that particular country. Let me show you how I also utilize it and talk to data guys about it. And after you are not able to monetize it, maybe someone else more experienced in this field can influence the consumers to convert at few offers, so just an idea you can pursue.

Let me know how you are doing data monetization?

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