Why Attend Affiliate Marketing Conferences All Over The World?

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So, I just finished the MailCon and Affiliate Summit East Conference in New York last week. Before that, I visited Las Vegas for the MailCon, Affiliate Summit West and LeadsCon. It’s been a learning curve every time I go to these conferences. The bonding becomes more strong with the business partners.

The first visit was very exciting and meeting up people who were before that only contacts on email, skype or WhatsApp but after meeting them up the bonding increased and we were more open to discussing more possibilities to increase the business and help each other out. Each other get a sense of credibility, respect, and warmth which is good for furthering the business.

The relationship with clients face to face is very important and it gives you cues to what is industry moving towards and how you can grow and excel in that direction or learn from it.

Let me go through a few points of how these conferences are beneficial for you or your company.


The most important thing that people go for conferences is to meet new business partners, see the old business partners and take your business a step forward which was not being done over the phones or video conferences. I can understand that attending the first time the Conference can be intimidating and getting lost at what exactly to speak with the people can be a bit challenging. If you don’t know anything exactly to say, just prepare a few points and stick to it and let the conversation flow. For example, if email marketing – learn about it – what are the technologies people using, the trending of it right now, which emailing methodology working, etc., and many people are considerate enough to give you few tips and tricks and direct you to right person as well if you speak less and be to the point and if you are näive then be a näive an ask the question in that fashion. Acting up things really deteriorates the whole thing. As most people attending the conferences are veterans and know their stuff what they are doing and asking irrelevant questions will tend to do more harm than benefit. If you don’t know about some topic better listen and expand your knowledge plus take notes and after the conference is over ponder about it.

And attending conferences all over the world is important to keep up with worldwide trends of the Affiliate marketing industry. Something going good in the American region won’t be working good in Asian countries and vice versa. So, attending all is good practice.

Exchanging Business Cards

To be professional and show to others that you are really serious about your business – it is very important that you carry your business card and whoever you meet you should, first of all, have to exchange the business cards. It gives the other party the reliability and curiosity of what you exactly do. So, about your business, you should have a clear and small introduction. That will make the other party understand about you and your business and then you can ask the same to the other party and see if they are the right people to talk to. Making notes in a diary or on the card itself is good as well. And after the conference is over, following up becomes a breeze as you already have the context in place and what you spoke with the person.

Listening to Speakers

I have been listening to the speakers from all the conferences and the problem with those speeches are basic overviews of what their products do or superficial explanation of how some newer techniques are getting done. Beginners can learn good with those but remember that if you like some method that was illustrated by the speakers, you should delve deeper into it and if there is a Q&A session with the Speaker – ask your questions to them.

Marketing Trends

By looking at the majority of the booths and people present there you will be able to understand the market trends, what most people are following that year and what methods they are using. Understand this, No one is there to teach you but to get something getting done by you. If you are an affiliate, portray yourself an authority and speak in a way that they want to listen and they should be inclined towards you to work. Sell yourself and offer them something that they can’t resist.

Recognition Builds Your Name and Brand Value

Attending the first conference is your first step. Every new conference will take you an inch ahead towards your success. These small baby steps build your name in the industry and people tend to remember you that you have met them in past and if did any business will likely to increase business with you and give you more insights into how to scale it up. If you haven’t started business with someone, they will see you again and want to start business and ask questions as well what is making you pull back from doing business with them and you can frankly tell them the reasons too – like price is too high, the traffic is not generating the ROI required etc.,

Taking Pictures with Brands and Businesses

It is good practice to take pictures with them as it gives you authority and significance in the circle that you are well connected with people in the industry. So, try to take as many pictures with people and businesses relevant to your work and post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

Contacting Businesses on Official Apps

Most of the big conferences are coming up with their official Apps and it is a great way to connect with people who are attending the conference. You can just message them up on the app and it can help further your business.

Sign Up With Conference Newsletter

You should really sign up with the conference newsletter to keep yourself up to date with content, discounts, upcoming conferences, and speakers.

Hope to meet you all at the next affiliate conferences!

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